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Expected Checksum based on Frames for Communication Circuits  
Stefan Andrei
Wei-Ngan Chin
Albert M.K. Cheng
Yongxin Zhu

Runtime-Coordinated Scalable Incremental Checksum Testing of Combinational Circuits based on #SAT Problem
S. Andrei, W.-N. Chin, A. M.K. Cheng, and Y. Zhu
To appear, 2004

Incremental satisfiability counting for realtime systems
S. Andrei and W.-N. Chin
Proceedings of 10th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS ’04), 2004, pp. 482– 489

LGSynth91 benchmark
Intíl Workshop on Logic Synthesis
Available at

The determinant of the boolean formulae
S. Andrei
Analele Universitatii Bucuresti, Informatica, vol. XLIV, pp. 83Ė92, 1995

Counting for satisfiability by inverting resolution
S. Andrei
Artificial Intelligence Review, 2004

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