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Expected Checksum based on Frames for Communication Circuits  
Stefan Andrei
Wei-Ngan Chin
Albert M.K. Cheng
Yongxin Zhu

Runtime-Coordinated Scalable Incremental
Checksum Testing of Combinational Circuits
based on #SAT Problem

Circuit testing is an important problem in electronic
design automation. Due to testing machine limitations, many
manufacturers must truncate test patterns to fit in the test
equipments. We present a novel approach to handle this
challenge. The efficiency of our approach is dependent on the
real-time execution coordination between the algorithm and the
testing machine. A unique combination of a #SAT solver, a
checksum computation and a frame testing, allows us to do efficient
incremental testing. Unlike checksums from the communication
domain which can only detect stuck-at faults, our approach
differentiates by also locating them. Experiments show that our
approach is faster than other testing methods.

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